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Whether you are new to contracting or looking to switch umbrella, Hero offer an unparalleled service from an experienced team of experts.

New to contracting?

It can be daunting starting something new but contracting offers the chance to work with multiple clients, have greater flexibility, and financial benefits. By now you have probably already signed up with a recruitment agency who will find you assignments. They have probably also made you aware that you will be responsible for organising your payroll and that you may wish to use an umbrella company as this is the most simple way for you to get paid correctly. Hero Umbrella will take care of everything for you.

We offer a straightforward and stress-free service. Not only do we believe in keeping our clients informed and up-dated throughout the process, but more importantly you can be assured that you will be paid on time – every time. This means that you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Using Hero is simple

Contract Details

Your agency will help find you a contract and provide you with all the details you need to know with regard to that contract.


You will complete a simple timesheet of your working hours. We will then raise an invoice to your agency.


When payment is received, we will deduct our fee and the necessary taxes and then transfer your payment directly to your bank. All payments are processed on the same day the funds are received.


You will receive a payslip detailing your gross pay and NET pay along with all the relevant deductions.

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Looking to switch umbrella?

If you are unhappy with your current umbrella provider, why not switch?
It is easy and straightforward to switch to Hero umbrella. All we would need from you is proof of ID and address and a P45 from your previous umbrella company.

To get started, request a call with us and one of our team will talk you through our services and find out more about your agency and assignment. We can provide you with a take home pay calculation and if you are interested in joining us, we can explain the sign-up process.

Contractor benefits

Hero gives you all the freedom of contracting with the benefits of continuous employment.


• No admin hassle

• Quick and easy payments using 'Faster Payments'

• Dedicated team and personal account manager

• Trusted and compliant PAYE payroll

• Fast and free set-up & free to leave


Employment Insurances


One employment for all assignments


Holiday/Sick pay


Super customer service

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